Still kinda wish we got more mentions of the Indians in the Neverland arc apart from the Indian Village on Pan’s map. They could have just mentioned Tigerlilly and I like to think that jungle beat they play for Henry in S3E4 was taught to the Lost Boys and Pan by the Indians.


Also  based on this interview, Eddy and Adam basically unofficially confirmed Season 4 is a go. They just can’t officially say so until May. And it would also seem they’re doing the two 11 episode arcs for Season 4 again. They’re already planning the first arc.


Just listening to an interview from Wondercon and I’m not sure if anyone else has posted it yet but Eddy Kitsis said we’ll see Princess Abigail/Kathryn again this season!


Sophie Lowe looks so gorgeous here with her hair wet.


OUAT + Travelling between realms

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Bloopers versus Original Scenes [1/?]

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I get the feeling that if Stan could have returned to Once, they would have done a flashback with him and child Alice in OUATIW. Maybe some parallels with Grace.


Why I love Once Upon a Time


There are so many television shows out there, but very few of them have ever tugged at my heartstrings and my imagination in the way Once Upon a Time has. Almost three seasons in, I still love it as much as I did in season one, and there’s been a LOT of negativity going around lately, so I thought I’d share my reasons for loving it so much. Feel free to share your own :)

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Thank you! Exactly why I love the show and more.


emma swan + smile

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While I love all the Disney comparison pictures, I hope people sincerely know that a lot of these characters in OUAT existed long before Disney did.

I mean when Once first announced Captain Hook was coming into the show, I immediately thought of this…




Lana Parilla in Lost for those interested- this was the Season Three finale, ‘Through the Looking Glass’, Lana played the minor character, ‘Greta’ one of the Others. This aired back in May 2007.

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